Christian Rice Architects is an AIA award winning architectural practice based in Coronado, California. Our portfolio of work includes a wide range of public and private projects. Christian and his team work closely with all clients and are focused on listening to all aspects of a specific program in order to develop a cohesive approach to each project.

our team

christian rice

Founder and Architect

Christian’s love for architecture started during his childhood in Fort Worth, Texas, surrounded by a new construction boom. He developed a knack for space planning and several decades later that talent was put to use designing homes in Coronado, CA.  In 2004 he founded his firm and brought with him Western Region design influences he embraced while living in Arizona and the San Francisco Bay Area.  Christian has since built a leading reputation and team in the San Diego area known for their innovative approach to beautifully designed homes.

hector aramburo

Staff Architect/Project Captain

A fully licensed architect and life-long musician, collaborating with clients is a natural fit for Hector, whether it be early stage or during the construction phase.  “The process of designing is very similar to the process of writing music.  All the elements of rhythm, harmony, structure and dynamic express themselves through architecture.”  We are lucky to have Hector’s enlightened insights contributing to the team.


nate nicodemus

Staff Architect/Project Captain

Nate worked at several SoCal architectural firms before joining our team in 2016.  He loves to spend his time hiking, surfing, and working on his photography – activities that inform his perspective on architectural design’s impact on the built and natural environments.  Our resident naturalist, Nate is most inspired by designs that incorporate natural elements and light connecting with the outdoors. “I strive to find ways to design buildings that embrace their surrounding environments, rather than detract from them.”

miguel reyes

Staff Designer/Project Captain

A cultural aficionado and foodie, Miguel loves the diversity of mixing contemporary design aspects with traditional homes. “A whole house remodel project can offer such an opportunity.  I am often more drawn to minimal architecture but also appreciate colorful, ornamental designs found in many of the historic homes here in Coronado.  Understanding the client’s needs at the initial design phase is critical.”

theo miserlis

Staff Designer/Project Captain

Theo brings a wealth of varied experiences.  Initially specializing in landscape architecture, Theo can’t overemphasize the importance of spatial relationships, proportion and continuity to a premier design.  “The seamless connection between indoor/outdoor has always been something that I’ve taken into account and is an especially important consideration in our climate. I’ve had my hands in a lot of different trades; masonry/tile, carpentry and electrical. Thinking about how something will be constructed makes for a smooth transition from design through build.”

shawn martin

Staff Designer/Project Captain

Shawn joined our team in 2021.  Although he grew up in a small western town, he eventually realized his childhood dream of being a designer in large urban markets such as NYC and Washington, D.C.   Shawn’s youthful fascination with how things work together has served him well in understanding building design methodology and refining architectural details.  “I most enjoy the problem solving aspect of designing and building a home. Each project, client and setting is unique, creating a new opportunity for solving complex challenges and that pursuit is exciting.”

christopher bernhardt

Staff Designer/Project Captain

Chris enjoys playing competitive tennis, the outdoors and diverse adventures for the new excitement they bring. Studying architecture in Arizona's Sonoran Desert exposed him to the unique culture and landscapes, giving him a special appreciation for the region. “I’m inspired by design approaches that embody a focus on innovative solutions and environmental health. Architecture should be engaging, and rooted in a sense of place. Connecting different aspects of mind and body enhance your experience of the space and perception of the surrounding environment."

kristi prado

Office Administrator

A natural outgrowth of the firm’s success was the need to add administrative and business support.  Kristi joined the team in 2016 to provide administrative oversight and new business insights cultivated during her previous corporate career in the medical device design industry.